Heidi Babi -

When you are ready to start cupping, click on the green "Cup Now" icon. This will open a new window with the cupping score sheet. The samples are shown by tab on the left navigation pane.

Each sample will show the Name, Type and Country at the top. If the sample was marked 'blind' during the set-up of the cupping session, this information will not be displayed.

Each sample will also display the overall score at the top right of the screen, as well as in the left navigation pane as you move through the samples.

As you move through each phase of the cupping, you enter the scores and descriptors on your Tastify score page. You start at the top with selecting the roast level.

When you have finished cupping the sample, you can navigate to the next sample in the navigation pane on the left. Your work on the first sample is saved automatically.


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