Running a Report on a Sample

Heidi Babi -

There are a couple of different ways to pull a report on a sample. From the samples page, find the sample you are interested in. You can click on the blue cupping session icon. This will open a page where you can see the sample information and the score. You can navigate between samples in that cupping session using the taps on the top right of the screen. To pull a report on that sample, click the blue button on the upper right that reads "See Report". 

Alternatively, you can select the green wheel icon on the samples page to go directly to the report.

The report screen opens with the information on the sample and the scores listed along the right side of the page. The flavor wheel and descriptors are on the left side of the page. 

Selecting the "Print" button will allow you to print the report.

Selecting the "Share" button opens a new window where you can enter the email addresses of the people you would like to send the report to. You can also customize the message that goes with the report. Clicking the "Send Message" button will send them a link to the report. They do not need to be registered users of the Tastify application to see the report.

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