New Cupping Session

Heidi Babi -

If you have the proper permissions (as determined by your company admin user), you can create a new cupping session. To do this, click on "Cupping Sessions" from the home page of Tastify. 

This will open the screen showing the list of all cupping sessions for your company. At the top right of the page, there is a blue button that reads "New Cupping Session". Selecting this button will open the New Cupping Session screen.

You select the start date and time of the cupping session, and clicking the checkbox below (selected by default) opens the cupping session to all invited cuppers as soon as the session is saved. 

You can enter a name for the cupping session, and a location. You will select the Sample ID structure. Your options are to assign randomly selected three digit numbers, or letters to the samples. Then select the number of samples that will be cupped in your cupping session. If you check the box for "Blind", your sample information will not be shared with the cuppers. They will only see the sample ID.

Then you will select the cuppers from your company that you would like to attend your session. Each cupper has a checkbox, you just check the box, and at the bottom of the screen, click "Save". This will send an invite to each cupper you selected, and return you to the Cupping Sessions screen. Your session will now appear on the list of cupping sessions.

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