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For the Fragrance and Aroma section, you click the blue "Descriptors" button to open the descriptors page.

This contains a list of the main categories for the fragrance and aroma descriptors. If you select the arrow for the top descriptor (Floral), it opens a secondary menu with floral descriptors such as Hibiscus, Roses, etc.

To add a descriptor, you can click on the plus sign next to it. If you want to select an entire category (i.e. "Floral"), you click on the arrow to open the secondary menu, and then the arrow becomes a plus sign so you can add the category. If you do not see the descriptor you are looking for, you can add a custom descriptor in the text box provided. Once you have all your Fragrance and Aroma descriptors, click the green "Save" button in the top right corner.

Next to the Fragrance and Aroma descriptors button is a dropdown box with a score. Please select the score that fits the section. As you change the scores, you will see the overall score of the sample at the top of the page adjust accordingly.

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