Green Grading

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To record the results of Green Grading in Tastify, first navigate to the Samples page and locate the Sample you would like to grade. Then click on the Green Grading icon, highlighted below:



Once on the Green Grading page, click the New Green Grading icon to begin recording your grading results. For each sample, you can select the Color and Weight. The weight defaults to 350g but can be changed. In order to add Defects to a sample, select a Defect from the dropdown menu. Then type in the Count of Beans with the associated Defect. Hit the Add button next to Count of Beans to add the defect. If you enter a Defect incorrectly, it can be removed by clicking the Remove icon.


Once you have entered all the relevant information for the sample, click the Save Green Grading icon at the bottom of the screen. This saves the information to the associated Sample and will be visible as a report on the Green Grading page. This report includes the sample’s Author, Color, Weight (in grams), Total Primary Defects, Total Secondary Defects, and Total Defects. There are three available actions for interacting with the report, highlighted below:


Clicking on the Details icon will toggle a dropdown that shows the individual Defects and their Bean Count from the sample. Clicking the Details icon again will hide the detailed report. If a specific sample needs to be deleted, click on the Trashcan icon at the bottom of the report and then click OK in the confirmation pop-up. To edit the details of a sample, click on the Pencil icon at the bottom of the report. This will bring you back to the Green Grading  form where you can make the needed changes. Once you are done making changes, click on the Save Green Grading icon.

Multiple Green Grading sessions can be added to a Sample. For more information on the process of Green Grading, please refer to the SCAA Protocols.

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